Building Home

Are you planning on building a home in the near future. If so you are about to embark upon a challenging, but at the same time, rewarding task. An important part of the process is your education. This should occur well in advance of when you expect to start the construciton on your house. A […]

New Homes

New Homes are available to consumers in many different ways. These range from undertaking an owner builder project, to hiring a builder to build your owne custom home, to reviewing a model home in a development and buying one of these modesl to be built by a tract builder on your behalf. Let’s briefly examine […]

Model Homes

Larger builders know how to set that hook using the model home as bait. Most model homes employ a steering technique that was perfected on farms to guide livestock into pens (that’s how it feels anyway). If you have been to a few model homes, you know what I mean. Most builders convert the garage […]

Building a Home

Are you about to embark upon the task of build a home? Building your dream home is an exciting time. It can also be a time of frustration, anxiety and many challenges. However, like anything else in life, if you do your homework and educate yourself on the topic, you’ll find that that you can […]

Home Builder Rating & Reviews

There are several places on the internet to where you can find ratings ore reviews on home builders. There are two major consumer organizations, HADD and HOBB that following the building industry, lobby for consumer friendly legislation, and alert consumers, potential new home buyers to problems within the industry. If you haven’t already been to […]

House Builders and Contractors Search

There are many ways to have a home built to your specifications. The vast majority of people will visit model homes that large house builders have built on spec for their potential customers. This is an excellent way to examine the quality and design of homes. These contractors or house builders usually have a few […]

New Home Buying Tips

Most people will make one of the largest purchases they will make in their lifetimes when they buy a home. Whether it is a new home or an existing home that is listed on the Multiple Listing Service(MLS), there are many home buying tips that apply. New homes fall into a special category and we […]

New Home Builders

It can be a very exciting time for many consumers when they purchase their first new home or are having a new home built for them to their specifications. There are many new home builders, both small as well as very large companies who build hundreds of new homes on large tracks of land. Some […]

Builder Problems and New Home Defects

Every new home is going to have new home defects that are caused by the builder. There will always be defects that were missed during inspection or that various craftsmen did not complete to your satisfaction. Before you purchase your new home always confirm how a builder deals with builder problems, what their reputations are […]

Model Home and Builders

We have all toured through model homes at one time or another and if you have not, you really should. There are numerous reasons for taking a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to visit the model homes in your area. You could be planning to purchase a new home and are considering […]