Here is a Summary of What You Will Get From Each Chapter:

The Foundation: Setting Expectations to Reality
Many customers have no idea what they are getting into when they have a new home built. In this introduction, we will open your eyes to the realities of the home building experience.

Chapter 1
Researching the Community – Avoid “after move in” surprises that can cost you thousands, including taxes that sales people conveniently forget to tell you about.

Chapter 2
Production Home Building – The reality is that most new homes are part of an assembly line. We teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of production home building.

Chapter 3
Researching Your Builder – Your builder will claim that they build a great house. This insider’s guide will help you uncover the true reputation of your builder.

Chapter 4
Researching Your Neighborhood – Know your rights as a property owner in a new community before you move in, or it will cost you!

Chapter 5
The Model Home Trap – Your builder uses the model home to lure you in and get you emotionally involved in the purchase. Learn how to use this sales technique to your advantage.

Chapter 6
Pitfalls of the Sales Process – Learn the tactics new home sales people use to get you to buy.

Chapter 7
Options and Selections – Don’t let your builder beat you at the “upgrade” game.

Chapter 8
Closing the Sale – How to avoid expensive mistakes just as you are “closing the sale”.

Chapter 9
Our Shopping Experiences – Don’t get taken by unscrupulous sales people. We uncover some of the troubles you may face during the sales process.

Chapter 10
Pitfalls of the Legal Process – Learn how to avoid the legal maneuvering your builder may be attempting. These legal pitfalls may leave you in financial ruins if something goes wrong with your new home.

Chapter 11
Understanding the Warranty – Learn the dirty truth about new home warranties and how to protect yourself from the fine print.

Chapter 12
Knowing Your Construction Supervisor’s Experience – We show you how to get what you paid for from the people who are most directly responsible for the quality of your new home.

Chapter 13
The Home Inspector Scam – We’ll teach you why many home inspectors are not looking out for your best interest, and how you can find an inspector who is looking out for you.

Chapter 14
The Building Process – From the first scoop of dirt to the last coat of paint, we teach you about the most common pitfalls that occur throughout the building process and how to avoid them no matter what type of house you are building.

Chapter 15
Walk Through and Punch Out – Learn how to perform a “walk through” (inspection prior to closing) with your builder and identify any problems before you hand over your money.

Chapter 16
After You Close – Problems may pop up after you move into your new house. We will teach you how to get them handled properly.

Chapter 17
The Pitfall Chronicles – Mistakes made by real home owners that cost them thousands of dollars. Most of these mistakes were made before they even signed a purchase agreement.