Building Home

Are you planning on building a home in the near future. If so you are about to embark upon a challenging, but at the same time, rewarding task. An important part of the process is your education. This should occur well in advance of when you expect to start the construciton on your house. A good way to begin is by going to your favorite search engine and using the key words: building home, do a keyword search.

There are a great many resources available to you on the WWW. Whether you are building a custom home, or buying a model home in a development, or doing a owner builder project, there are pleny of resources available to assist youw tih all of this different options.

Your preconstruction research should include the general area. Specifically you should consider things like, crime rate, quaity of schools, density of housing, taxes, proximity to empleyment and many, many other parameters.

Once you have narrowed down an area, you then need to look at the specific characteristics of land or lots of interest. Such things to consider might be light and noise pollution, grade or steepness of the lot, next door neighbors, fitness for your houseplan, amount number of exisiting trees to name a few.

Of course the other big item in your preconstruction home building project, is your house design. How many bedrooms, bathrooms. two story vs. single story, open floor plans vs. closed, type of foundation (basement vs. slab), size and amenities in the kitchen, family room. Will it have a great room? What about a rec room. The number or questions and considerations are very large.

Prior to initiating construction, you will also need to select a builder, assuming that you are doing a convention residential construciton project. This site offers a series of three home building checklists that you may find of value. One of these is for choosing a builder.

The last item to mention— but no necessarily the last item to complete is the financing. In fact, this should be one of your first itmems. Why? Well you need to understand what your budget is, so you don’t waste a lot of time looking at land that you cannot afford, or floor plans that are bigger than your budget. Financing for your new home is well beyond the scope of this article, but don’t put it off. A good new home construction financing article can be found here.