Builder Problems and New Home Defects

Every new home is going to have new home defects that are caused by the builder. There will always be defects that were missed during inspection or that various craftsmen did not complete to your satisfaction. Before you purchase your new home always confirm how a builder deals with builder problems, what their reputations are and whether their policy for dealing with new home defects is satisfactory to you. We will also discuss the general process for dealing with new home defects and problems with builders in this article.

Many problems with builders fall into two general categories. Minor new home defects which are easy to fix and just need to be scheduled. These include things like missing extras you asked for, chips and marks on the walls, miss-wired lights, windows that do not open properly etc.

Major home defects can be much more problematic for you and the builder. This is were knowing the builders construction reputation and service reputation is really important. Items such as foundation cracks, incorrect installation of your brick, poor concrete mix, cracked windows, poorly installed kitchen or bathroom installations. These are basically items that will cost a lot of money to repair, were the builder will be reluctant or even unable to help you. Smaller builders with insufficient cash flow may not be able to meet their warranty obligations, while other builders just do not deal with builder problems well. Always verify their policies and reputations before you sign on the dotted line.

The process for dealing with new home defects varies around the country, however generally there is an inspection conducted by you and the builder just prior to transferring ownership to you. Every item should be noted on a form used for that purpose and a copy should be given to you. Items that need to be repaired prior to you moving in should also be noted.

Once consumers have moved into their new homes there is usually a 30 day inspection and a final inspection just before the end of the first year. Again all new home defects should be recorded on the appropriate form with a copy given to you. This is your record to use to monitor your builders progress in completing the repairs. It is also your record should you have problems with builders who are not meeting their obligations.

After you have completed these inspections, most builders will immediately schedule repairmen to make all of the repairs. You will need to provide access to your home to allow workmen to enter and many builders will ask you to sign off on the repairs once they are completed.

Finally if there are major builder problems, many consumers will involve their local government agencies responsible for monitoring the construction trades, their lawyer and even the Better Business Bureau.