New Home Builders

It can be a very exciting time for many consumers when they purchase their first new home or are having a new home built for them to their specifications. There are many new home builders, both small as well as very large companies who build hundreds of new homes on large tracks of land. Some custom new home builders will only build several homes a year since these are large projects requiring dedication and attention to detail for the new home owner.

Consumers planning to purchase a new home or have one built tend to focus on the home, the deign, the financial aspect and of course the logistics of selling their existing home and the subsequent move into their new home. One other major area everyone considering a new home must focus on is the reputation of the new home builder.

Questions to ask yourself include: What is the new home builders reputation for quality; How do they deal with defects; Do they have a good service record; How long have they been in business; What is their financial situation; Are they experiencing financial difficulties in paying their trades people or suppliers; and can you deal with the people you must negotiate with.

All of these questions about the financial health of new home builders may seem strange, however they are actually very important. You will be paying large sums of money to the builder at various stages in the construction. If your builder is on the verge of bankruptcy or has a difficult time getting trades people due to slow payment, you could be headed for trouble with your new home. Most people want to deal with a financially sound new home builder they can depend on to deliver.

Equally important is the policy and track record regarding customer service. A reputable new home builder will have a team of people who will ensure that all of your new home defects will be repaired to your satisfaction within a reasonable time frame. Talk to other owners who have purchased homes from the company you are dealing with to find out their reputation for servicing their clients.

Lastly, relationships are always important in any transaction, large or small. Always consider whether the sales people and the construction foreman are people that you can deal with over time, especially if there are problems with your new home. Establishing a solid rapport with the new home builders personnel can also be important.