I have experience as a home builder

“My wife and I are still looking for property in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Until then, I can not provide any feedback other than that I enjoyed the book. Please be advised that I have experience as a home builder and that I purchased the book to give me a “review” tool when talking to local builders. My plan is to do the majority of the construction myself but hire a contractor to use for major items like foundation/basement and framing.”

Randy Ellenbecker, Fortworth, TX

Your book Homebuilding Pitfalls is unique

“I’ve read many books preparing for our home build, but your book Homebuilding Pitfalls is unique. Your
directness and insider info is very welcome reading”.

“I especially appreciated the Chapters: “Understanding the Warranty” and “Knowing Your Supervisor’s
Experience.” Although I wanted more info from chapter 10. What I mean is more contract clauses to beware of
and more of what I should have in the contract to protect us”.

“Also please provide insights into the minefield of AIA contract documents. The more I read about them..yikes!”

Thanks for a great book!

Doug Weatherly

Used your book extensively

“I used your book extensively during the purchase of my new house. It was an excellent resource.”

Joseph Dasta, Columbus OH


“I’ve reviewed the book, and, as with the rest of your resources, they are EXCELLENT.”

S. Girard, M.D., Chicago, IL

I am glad I found your book

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I had no idea how complicated buying a new house would be. After watching all of the problems our new neighbors had to go through, I am glad I found your book.”

Melissa – Louisville, KY

Your book was right on.

“Your book was right on. This is the second house we have built (I am transferred frequently for work) and your book made the process of building this house a much more pleasant experience”

Jeff – Virginia Beach, VA

The book is very interesting, very informative

“The book is very interesting, very informative. I knew there was a lot involved in home buying, but there are so many details to consider. I must admit to being a bit more skeptical of builders now. I realize I must proceed with caution”

David – Columbus, OH

We have spoken with hundreds of new home buyers who wished they had had this information before they built their home. It would have saved them thousands of dollars in lost property value, legal fees and lost income. We have received far too many e-mails like the one below:

“I have just purchased a home built by (builders name deleted) in Brandon, FL, and keep getting blown off by the builder. They justify all the flaws by describing them as “cosmetic flaws”, but I think the problems are bigger than that. I cannot get them to repair the home. I have taken excessive time off from work and the problems still exist. After meeting with the Quality Control Manager, Vice President, Construction Manager and Warranty Rep, the term “cosmetic” kept coming up, and they kept telling me “we will make it look good for the closing” all the time they were building it. I don’t know where else to turn at this moment. I have already been forced to close on the house. I do not have the finances to hire an attorney. Any direction that you can provide would be appreciated”.

Thank You,
Eric – Brandon, FL

Unfortunately, it was too late for us to help this person. The builder had all the control because this person had already signed the purchase agreement and closed on the house. When we asked this person if we could put his email on the web site, he replied:

Hey Lawrence,
“I have no problem with your using my e-mail on your website. I wish I would have known about your book BEFORE I purchased my home, things would be a lot different now”.

Thank You,
Eric – Brandon, FL